Russian scientific-production company.
We produce and sell the rubber technology production
in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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SPZ(0)-537 SPA()-732 SPB()-1250 SPC()-1800
SPZ(0)-562 SPA()-757 SPB()-1280 SPC()-2000
SPZ(0)-587 SPA()-782 SPB()-1320 SPC()-2050
SPZ(0)-612 SPA()-807 SPB()-1400 SPC()-2073
SPZ(0)-637 SPA()-832 SPB()-1450 SPC()-2120
SPZ(0)-662 SPA()-850 SPB()-1500 SPC()-2240
SPZ(0)-670 SPA()-857 SPB()-1600 SPC()-2360
SPZ(0)-687 SPA()-882 SPB()-1700 SPC()-2500
SPZ(0)-700 SPA()-932 SPB()-1720 SPC()-2650
SPZ(0)-712 SPA()-957 SPB()-1750 SPC()-2800
SPZ(0)-719 SPA()-982 SPB()-1800 SPC()-3000
SPZ(0)-721 SPA()-1000 SPB()-1850 SPC()-3150
SPZ(0)-737 SPA()-1007 SPB()-1900 SPC()-3350
SPZ(0)-762 SPA()-1032 SPB()-2000 SPC()-3530
SPZ(0)-775 SPA()-1057 SPB()-2060 SPC()-3550
SPZ(0)-787 SPA()-1060 SPB()-2120 SPC()-3620
SPZ(0)-800 SPA()-1082 SPB()-2130 SPC()-3750
SPZ(0)-803 SPA()-1107 SPB()-2180 SPC()-4000
SPZ(0)-812 SPA()-1120 SPB()-2240 SPC()-4250
SPZ(0)-825 SPA()-1132 SPB()-2300 SPC()-4380
SPZ(0)-837 SPA()-1140 SPB()-2360 SPC()-4500
SPZ(0)-850 SPA()-1150 SPB()-2420 SPC()-4750
SPZ(0)-862 SPA()-1157 SPB()-2430 SPC()-5000
SPZ(0)-875 SPA()-1180 SPB()-2500 SPC()-5300
SPZ(0)-887 SPA()-1182 SPB()-2650 SPC()-5600
SPZ(0)-900 SPA()-1207 SPB()-2680 SPC()-6000
SPZ(0)-912 SPA()-1232 SPB()-2800 SPC()-6300
SPZ(0)-925 SPA()-1250 SPB()-3000 SPC()-6700
SPZ(0)-937 SPA()-1252 SPB()-3150 SPC()-7100
SPZ(0)-947 SPA()-1257 SPB()-3350 SPC()-7450
SPZ(0)-962 SPA()-1270 SPB()-3435 SPC()-7500
SPZ(0)-975 SPA()-1275 SPB()-3450 SPC()-8000
SPZ(0)-987 SPA()-1280 SPB()-3550 SPC()-8500
SPZ(0)-1000 SPA()-1282 SPB()-3685 SPC()-9000
SPZ(0)-1012 SPA()-1285 SPB()-3750 SPC()-9500
SPZ(0)-1037 SPA()-1302 SPB()-3770 SPC()-9700
SPZ(0)-1047 SPA()-1307 SPB()-3870 SPC()-10000
SPZ(0)-1060 SPA()-1320 SPB()-4000
SPZ(0)-1062 SPA()-1332 SPB()-4250
SPZ(0)-1087 SPA()-1348 SPB()-4500
SPZ(0)-1112 SPA()-1350 SPB()-4620
SPZ(0)-1120 SPA()-1357 SPB()-4750
SPZ(0)-1125 SPA()-1360 SPB()-4800
SPZ(0)-1137 SPA()-1362 SPB()-5000
SPZ(0)-1162 SPA()-1382 SPB()-5300
SPZ(0)-1180 SPA()-1400 SPB()-5600
SPZ(0)-1187 SPA()-1407 SPB()-6000
SPZ(0)-1200 SPA()-1432 SPB()-6700  
SPZ(0)-1212 SPA()-1450  
SPZ(0)-1237 SPA()-1457  
SPZ(0)-1250 SPA()-1482  
SPZ(0)-1262 SPA()-1500  
SPZ(0)-1270 SPA()-1507  
SPZ(0)-1280 SPA()-1532  
SPZ(0)-1285 SPA()-1550  
SPZ(0)-1287 SPA()-1557  
SPZ(0)-1290 SPA()-1582  
SPZ(0)-1312 SPA()-1600  
SPZ(0)-1320 SPA()-1607  
SPZ(0)-1332 SPA()-1632  
SPZ(0)-1337 SPA()-1650  
SPZ(0)-1347 SPA()-1657  
SPZ(0)-1348 SPA()-1682  
SPZ(0)-1357 SPA()-1700    
SPZ(0)-1360 SPA()-1707    
SPZ(0)-1362 SPA()-1732    
SPZ(0)-1368 SPA()-1750    
SPZ(0)-1387 SPA()-1757    
SPZ(0)-1400 SPA()-1782    
SPZ(0)-1412 SPA()-1800    
SPZ(0)-1415 SPA()-1807    
SPZ(0)-1420 SPA()-1832    
SPZ(0)-1432 SPA()-1857    
SPZ(0)-1437 SPA()-1882    
SPZ(0)-1450 SPA()-1900    
SPZ(0)-1462 SPA()-1907    
SPZ(0)-1485 SPA()-1932    
SPZ(0)-1487 SPA()-1950    
SPZ(0)-1500 SPA()-1957    
SPZ(0)-1512 SPA()-1982    
SPZ(0)-1520 SPA()-2000    
SPZ(0)-1532 SPA()-2032    
SPZ(0)-1537 SPA()-2057    
SPZ(0)-1550 SPA()-2060    
SPZ(0)-1560 SPA()-2082    
SPZ(0)-1562 SPA()-2120    
SPZ(0)-1582 SPA()-2132    
SPZ(0)-1587 SPA()-2182    
SPZ(0)-1590 SPA()-2207    
SPZ(0)-1600 SPA()-2232    
SPZ(0)-1612 SPA()-2240    
SPZ(0)-1637 SPA()-2282    
SPZ(0)-1650 SPA()-2300    
SPZ(0)-1662 SPA()-2307    
SPZ(0)-1668 SPA()-2332    
SPZ(0)-1687 SPA()-2360    
SPZ(0)-1700 SPA()-2382    
SPZ(0)-1712 SPA()-2430    
SPZ(0)-1730 SPA()-2432    
SPZ(0)-1737 SPA()-2482    
SPZ(0)-1750 SPA()-2500    
SPZ(0)-1787 SPA()-2532    
SPZ(0)-1790 SPA()-2582    
SPZ(0)-1800 SPA()-2607    
SPZ(0)-1812 SPA()-2632    
SPZ(0)-1837 SPA()-2650    
SPZ(0)-1850 SPA()-2682    
SPZ(0)-1857 SPA()-2732    
SPZ(0)-1862 SPA()-2782    
SPZ(0)-1887 SPA()-2800    
SPZ(0)-1892 SPA()-2832    
SPZ(0)-1900 SPA()-2847    
SPZ(0)-1937 SPA()-2882    
SPZ(0)-1950 SPA()-2900    
SPZ(0)-1957 SPA()-2932    
SPZ(0)-1960 SPA()-2982    
SPZ(0)-1987 SPA()-3000    
SPZ(0)-2000 SPA()-3032    
SPZ(0)-2030 SPA()-3082    
SPZ(0)-2032 SPA()-3150    
SPZ(0)-2037 SPA()-3182    
SPZ(0)-2060 SPA()-3282    
SPZ(0)-2120 SPA()-3350    
SPZ(0)-2132 SPA()-3382    
SPZ(0)-2137 SPA()-3550    
SPZ(0)-2180 SPA()-3750    
SPZ(0)-2182 SPA()-4000    
SPZ(0)-2187 SPA()-4250    
SPZ(0)-2240 SPA()-4500    

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